Friday, October 7, 2016

Advice Given To Soothe The Sore Heart

Leave the thing alone for as long as you can.
Don't scratch at it.
Try a hot water bottle 
Sandwiched between a pillow and your back.
Don't wear mascara on nights out.
Feel a mess for a while. That's ok.
Drink lots of water. 

Friends will donate hugs, if you ask nicely. 
Ask nicely.
Don't ask why. Or do ask why
But leave the answer sit on the counter-top.
Leave it settle.
Pour it down the sink. Go for a walk.

Leave the bloody thing alone for as long as you can.
When it happens, engage and hold the eye contact 
That your fear begs you to avoid.
No one can see your legs shake.
The heart was not meant to stay soothed. 
Love again.

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