Saturday, April 20, 2013

Minding the Dog

She's grand. Don't fret. 
The dog's alright. 
She's had her dinner heated.

Two minutes in the microwave,
Stirred half-way through.
Organic porridge oats added.

She's had her tummy rubbed
And her ears tickled, gently.
She seemed disdainful, though, somehow.

She's had her paws massaged,
With frankinsence.
And a hot towel cleanse before it.

She was flown by magic carpet
To the boutique walking location of her choice.
There was no interference in her choice.

She had her pick of postmen,
Or politicians to bark at, and she barked.
Then she walked away, disappointed.

So we fed her again, as she indicated
She was hungry, for cheese only.
Gruyere, some brie. Of course, some cheddar.

We put the fire on, just for her.
She roasted and cooled, in stretches.
The scented candles helped, we thought.

She is in her bed now, lightly snoozing.
The dog's alright.
She's grand, don't fret. 

Poor pooch.

Tipperary, 06/04/2013

1 comment:

  1. Yes I can defiantly relate....... sounds like exactly what is required minding the parent's dogs. Add in a custard cream before bed time and a twice daily shot of insulin and perhaps replace the porridge with chicken!